Countryside in the heart of Yeovil

Yeovil Country Park is a beautiful area of green, close to the town centre. I usually just call it Ninesprings, but actually Ninesprings is one of five areas in the park which is so vast it also includes: Riverside walk, Summerhouse Hill, Wyndham Hill and Penn Hill Park.

I had my kids in tow today and we wandered along the flat riverside walk, which is very suitable for buggies and bustling with people and some friendly doggies! Along the way we passed the BBQ area and willow tree tunnels, there are beautiful details everywhere as the park is tended to by a dedicated team of rangers.

Willow tree tunnels
The willow tree tunnels

You can park in Goldenstones Leisure Centre carpark, which is free on a Sunday or alternatively park at the large Tesco in town, which is free for 2 and a half hours and just five or ten minutes walk away.

From there, walk past with the Ninesprings Cafe on your left, unless you would like a delicious cup of coffee, and continue along the path. If you don’t have a dog with you carry on until you get to a fork and take the right path, through the gate, into the wildlife zone. I’ve spotted swans, a heron, a kingfisher and it seems to be a favourite spot for rare mandarin ducks.

This takes you through to a play area with a large sandpit and sweeping views of the Somerset countryside – you’ll end up here if you have a dog and take the straight on approach. You can of course by pass the park (and it’s regular ice cream van) and you’ll get to Yeovil’s modern cinema/bowling/restaurant area, or head up the hill to Summerhouse Hill if you fancy a trek.

I’ve described a short walk here- suitable for little legs, but will explore more of the woodland with you soon!

The playpark
The playpark with large sandpit and sweeping views of Somerset countryside.



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