An American flavour in Yeovil!

A giant waffle with strawberries and cream

Yeo Leisure Park is a thriving part of Yeovil. It’s great to see so many people enjoying this part of town, particularly as the high street is doing less well with many closures.

When I was growing up I’d have loved to come here to the bowling or the multi screen cinema. This corner of Yeovil does have an American flavour – with Hollywood Bowl, Frankie and Benny’s and our family favourite, round the corner from Yeo Leisure Park, is Kaspa’s Desserts.

We often pick Kaspa’s if there is a birthday to celebrate, most recently mine! The waffles are huge, there are many flavours of ice-cream and my personal favourite are the crepes with strawberries and cream. It eases the calorie induced guilt, we find, if you go around lunchtime and then it can count as lunch rather than dessert! There are other families in the booths here, it’s also a popular spot for teenagers to meet and hang out.

Kaspa’s has a striking black and pink American diner theme

Frankie and Benny’s is another favourite spot for our family. We like the booth style of seating, the birthday song and candle, the balloons and colouring for the kids. Basically it’s very kid friendly and you can relax! If I was choosing a place to eat sans kids then I would likely go to an Indian or Thai restaurant or a country pub, essentially it’s not my first choice for food but it ticks every box for family fun! The kids menu itself is great, they can choose a starter, main, dessert and drink all for around £6 at the time of writing, and there are plenty of choices.

Hmmm red, green or white? The kids love the balloons at Frankie & Benny

The lovely thing about visiting the area of Yeo Leisure Park is from the car park you look up to this incredible back drop of Summerhouse Hill, with cattle grazing. You can wander into the shops in town or you can go for a walk along the river. Turn right as you face away from Hollywood Bowl, and follow the path to the play park or carry on to Ninesprings.

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