Glastonbury Tor

We loved our trip to Glastonbury Tor. I have only visited the Tor a few times, even though this beautiful jewel in the crown of Somerset is located so nearby! I always assumed that ‘Tor’ was the little tower on top, but actually it means ‘a hill or a rocky peak’, and the roofless Grade I listed tower at the top is known as St Michael’s Tower.

We parked at the leather factory (BA6 8DB) which is only £2 for 3 hours, and purchased our ticket from the delightfully eccentric parking attendant, so straight away I was feeling the Glastonbury vibe!


A sign for the car park with the Tor in the back
You can park at the leather factory known as R J Draper
The kids found the trek up to the top no problem atall, given that our youngest is 2 and a half. We took a picnic and a picnic rug, which was needed as there aren’t benches about.
It was the first bright and sunny January day and it was lovely to hear Irish, French and Italian voices. I did wonder where all the tourists (or torists) came from at this time of year, I imagine that Glastonbury has grown in popularity over the years.


Sheep on a hillside
Brave sheep
The panoramic views all around were stunning and we enjoyed seeing the brave sheep clinging to the steep sides.
At the top it looked like a scene from the film ‘Love Actually’ with a proposal, an older lady and a younger one in tears embracing and plenty of conversation between strangers and friends.
The descent was slower it took little legs a while to get down the big steps.


A grassy view from the hill
The views as you descend
As you get to the road at the bottom of the Tor, you’ll notice that there is water flowing down the road. Turn right with the Tor behind you and you’ll soon arrive at ‘The White Spring’.


Some small water features
Outside the entrance to the White Spring
The White Spring is described online as a natural and calcium rich spring in a Victorian pump house, now a free entry temple and pilgrimage site.  It is essentially a small cave, with a few steps down into it. There was a circular bathing pool in the middle, complete with a chanting man.
The kids loved going into the spring, it’s clearly a really special place. Tip – go after you’ve been to the Tor and wear wellies as they’ll get wet. Have a towel in the car and you could bring swimsuits in Summer!
It was a great day out. Next time I’ll dress the part to fit in more with the locals. Glastonbury itself is full of cafes, crystal shops and has a really unique vibe. I’d love to visit the town sometime soon!


A grey, roofless tower against a bright blue aky
St Michael’s Tower at the top of Glastonbury Tor

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