Best rural play parks in South Somerset

It seems that we will be needing to avoid contact with people just a little longer and with that in mind we have been nipping out in the car to find rural, village play parks that are much quieter than some of the play parks in Yeovil where we live.

Many times we have been to these parks and find that we have them to ourselves or there are just a few other children about. Other tips I have is to go to a park at an off peak time like lunchtime or even when there is a bit of drizzle you will find them less populated! And you may just see a beautiful rainbow, our amazing symbol of hope that is going to see us into 2021.

Odcombe play park.

Play equipment in a green field with pine trees
Odcombe play park. I love the pine trees and spacious outlook.

Easy to find? 4/5. If you’re heading down Camp Road from Yeovil the turn right as you enter Odcombe, it’s the second left and adjacent to the Village Hall.

Parking Plenty as it is the car park to the Village Hall.

Good to know There is a milk vending machine here so bring a bottle and some money!

Dogs? There are dog walkers in the field.

Fun factor The play equipment is really good here and my kids age 3, 5 and 7 all loved it here. There is the usual swings, slide and climbing frame as well as a novelty boat. I liked it here a lot, really nice pine trees and from one angle could glimpse the Church through the trees.

My rating 5/5. Pine trees and pirates!

Odcombe play park, this boat makes it stand out! You can see the Village Hall in behind

Hardington play park.

Hardington play park. The tree house is a big hit and has a climbing wall on one side.

Easy to find? 3/5 If you’re heading through Hardington from East Coker then it’s a right turn before St Mary’s Church. Then immediate right and immediate left down the hill (North Lane). At the bottom you’ll see a gate on the right you’ll need to pop out and open this, don’t forget to close it once you’ve parked.

Parking Several spaces, gravel car park.

Good to know Plenty of picnic benches and a barbeque area. There is also a shelter in case of showers.

Dogs? The park is in the community field so there are dog walkers about too.

Rainbow over a field with play equipment
Rainbow over Hardington play park.

Fun factor There is a zip line, tree house with slide and climbing wall, wooden obstacle course, swings too! I love this place and you’ll see horses grazing in a nearby field.

My rating 5/5. Peaceful, safe, enclosed and plenty to entertain.

Seavington St Michael play park

A playpark with three kids standing on tree stumps looking rather like meerkats amongst the colourful play equipment and daffodils
Seavington St Michael play park is located next to the village stores which you can see behind

Easy to find? 3/5 I’d say head to the village stores, as it’s on the map. I approached via New Road and turned off to Water Street, keep going until you see the village stores, you may think you’ve passed it but keep going as it’s a little way down the road.

Parking Plenty of parking here.

Good to know With the villages stores and café here it’s great if you need a few bits or a hot chocolate with little ones after.

Dogs? The park itself is surrounded by a lovely wooden fence but there is plenty of space for dogs to have a run around in the adjacent fields.

A fence in the foreground with primary coloured play equipment and yellow daffodils
The daffodils and play equipment at Seavington St Michael

Fun factor There is lots of equipment here especially climbing equipment and it’s really great for older ones. It’s all in blue, red and yellow and with the daffodils out when we visited it makes for a very pretty scene.

My rating 5/5 Well worth a visit for a refreshing change.

Chilthorne Domer play park

Chilthorne Domer play park lots for little legs!

Easy to find? 3/5. If you’re heading in from the Yeovil direction via Tintinhull Road then take a right onto Main Street. Just past the school (so close you will think you are turning into the school) there is a narrow left turn signposted ‘Recreation Centre’.

Parking Yep, plenty.

Good to know If you head over to the zip line area you can see sheep and geese in the field next door. Bring a basketball if you like to play!

Dogs? The field and the park are dog free zones, except for assistance dogs.

There is lots of play equipment here and a basket ball hoop

Fun factor There is lots to climb on here as well as various swings and roundabouts. The zip line is fun and something for all ages here.

My rating 4/5. Lots of climbing and swinging!

Mudford play park

The kids running up to Mudford play park!

Easy to find? Yes it’s off the main road and opposite the Village Hall. Not to be confused with Mudford Rec which is fab but not in this post as it is in Yeovil and not a rural area/village.

Parking Plenty here.

Good to know There is a rather awesome table tennis table but you’ll need to bring your own bats and ball.

Dogs? Yes, lots about in the surrounding field however, the play area is enclosed in a fence.

Fun factor The equipment was too small for my 7 year old and 5 year old really. It’s more suited to toddlers. But there is a skate park and outdoor gym. The kids entertained themselves with a game of hide and seek, it could do with a refurb sometime but it’s lovely being in amongst the fields and crisp country air.

My rating 3.5/5. Could do with a revamp but worth a visit especially for toddlers or if you like table tennis!

Montacute play park

An avenue of ancient pine trees in the background with a grassy playpark with a green bench and rope climbing frame
The ancient pine trees lead the way to the original entrance at Montacute House

Easy to find? 4/5 If you’re coming in from the Yeovil direction drive through the village of Montacute past the visitor entrances to the National Trust owned property, Montacute House. The park is located on Montacute Road and is actually on the site of the original deer park to Montacute House, you can see the ancient pine trees lead the way to the main entrance (although this is not used as a visitor entrance to the house today.

Parking this is on the road, you’ll see there is a stone wall running around the area, try and park near the entrance steps up towards the park.

Good to know If you’d like to stretch the legs you can see St Michael’s Tower, it’s about a 20 minute walk up to the top and there were people sunbathing up there, it’s like a mini Glastonbury Tor!

Dogs? The play park is fenced off but there is a field adjacent and the walk up to the Tower too.

A slide in the foreground with a little girl running towards it in the background is a hill with St Michaels Tower
St Michael’s Tower is just visible through the trees

Fun factor Some great rope climbing equipment and the usual swings, but the slide is just awesome here! It’s not the newest of equipment but it is in very good nick!

My rating 5/5 the setting here is just lovely and there is plenty of space between the equipment.

A large round swing and wooden climbing frame
The play area at Sutton Bingham

Sutton Bingham play park

Easy to find 5/5, if you are coming in from the East Coker direction turn right as you leave the village and continue. As you head down the hill you’ll see the reservoir on both sides and there is parking off to the left.

Parking Yes lots of spaces and free parking. However the car park can be busy and is right next to the play area.

Good to know There are public toilets here. There is a beautiful walk around the reservoir so the play area is an added bonus really to the main event. Do check the opening times before your visit.

Dogs It’s dog free here aside from assistance dogs.

Fun factor It’s a small area with only two pieces of equipment, the large round swing, big enough for three and good for cloud gazing and the huge climbing frame. My kids love it here!

My rating 4/5. Small but perfectly formed!

Bradford Abbas play park

Primary coloured climbing frame with slide and another climbing frame too railway line just visible in the top left
You can just about see the railway line on the top left at Bradford Abbas play park

Easy to find? 4/5, ok so Bradford Abbas is in Dorset, but being so close to the border of Somerset and just a few miles from Yeovil it’s a real gem and I had to include it. Head to the church and turn right past the church and you’ll see the play equipment across the field.

Parking Park on the road near the entrance. I would avoid peak church going times as it’s so close to the church!

Good to know It’s next to a railway line which is nice for kids as they like to spot the trains going past.

Dogs? As far as I can remember there is no separation between the play area and the field, I could be wrong on this though.

Fun factor It’s great play equipment includes a zip line, swings, climbing frames. There’s also a hilly area which the kids loved playing on.

I hope you find this guide useful, I’d love to hear if you’ve explored any of these parks or if there are others you would recommend.

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