Sarah talks Lost Ladies!

I loved chatting to a fellow Sarah all about the Lost Lady Society, how she found her tribe and the amazing things they are doing in the world of theatre, podcasts, pop up markets to name a few. Are you intrigued? Then please read on. Sarah’s love for wine, dogs and very trendy hats really shine through in this one!

First of all, I love the name (obviously Sarah as that’s my name too) but also Lost Lady Society. It’s such an enticing and intriguing name, tell me more!

Sarah is a strong name!! Ha.Lost Lady Society came about whilst chatting with a friend about feeling lost, in a bar in Yeovil. Lost in life, we weren’t lost in the bar!?!

Tell me about founding the LLS, when and how did it come about? 

It took a while to figure out what LLS was going to be all about, but it organically grew from that moment into a platform to advocate and encourage women in Somerset to achieve greatness.

a photo collage of wine and LLS members eating together at Palmers Fish and Chip restaurant, Yeovil
Wine, good banter and fish and chips at Palmers in Yeovil all get the creative writing flowing!

You did something on Instagram recently where you introduced different members of the LLS, do you have roles in the LLS or is it more fluid then that?

We each play a part and add to the LLS mix, but it’s much more fluid than specific roles. Jules and I have been in it from the beginning in 2019 and others have joined (and left) the journey along the way.

You’re clearly a dog lover. How do dogs feature in the LLS, I’d love to hear about Dog S*!t the musical for example. 

We love our dogs, they are our fur babies #crazydogladies Haha. DSTM has undergone a name change and is now called The Saviour. It was causing massive offense to some of our LLS Tribe, so reluctantly it has been adjusted. Watch this space, but it goes into rehearsal later this year (COVID permitting!?!) and opens at The Octagon in February next year.

A logo reads LOST LADY SOCIETY in bold black writing circling a beagle in a stylish hat
Dogs as well as very stylish hats are a both big LLS themes! Watch out for the LLS musical at the Octagon Theatre Yeovil in 2022!

Talk to me about theatre and humour and wine – how have these things helped you cope during the pandemic?

Wine has helped immensely through the pandemic, but not helped with staying slim and active!?!?! It’s always been important to me to laugh and never has it been more vital than during 2020! It has been very tough not to be able to go to the theatre, as it is what I LOVE. Thank god that live art is coming back from the dead now. Who doesn’t like going to a gig? Or sharing an experience with other humans in the cinema or theatre? LONG LIVE UK ARTS AND CULTURE – it’s the only thing we’re any good at!!

You’ve recorded many podcasts on a range of topics, tell me about some of your favourite ones. 

My favourites have definitely been the ones about Women in the Workplace, Tattoos, Tribe and the one on Keeping Going. We laughed a lot recording those!

A couple of black microphones in stands on a table with lots of lipstick marks in different pink and purple hues all over the photo
You can listen to all of the podcasts on… what are you waiting for?!

Pop up markets! Sounds fun… tell me more. 

It’s all part of the aim to fill local artists with confidence about their beautiful wares. There are so many creative and talented people in Somerset, sometimes all you need is a shove in the right direction and a platform to sell your creations. That’s what the POP-UPs are all about – celebrating Somerset’s diverse creativity. Next one is on Sunday 5th December 2021. Location, currently secret… (South Somerset).

What’s up your sleeve next? The comedy club looks great!

Due to LLS staff burnout and COVID19 lockdown, that is on hold for the foreseeable!

I’d like to know about your favourite place in Somerset, where do you go to truly chill? 

In my garden 🙂 which is basically in Ham Hill Country Park. Or Cadbury Castle.

Stone circle at Ham Hill
Ham Hill Country Park is where Sarah loves to chill

Finally, what have been the most major triumphs and what have been the challenges with LLS? 

Our first ever podcast felt like a massive triumph, just getting started is sometimes the hardest thing. Also the support we had for our Dog Wedding at our Christmas POP-UP in 2019 – hahaha. Biggest challenge is keeping going, with very few staff and limited funds. Budgets are tight and often even non existent.

How can we all keep in touch?

Best way is on Instagram @lostladysociety or call me (joking!).

You can find LLS online at and listen into the podcasts, keep up to date with the pop up markets and an eye out for “The Saviour” opening at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil in February 2022!

A line drawing of a female nude in the background with the words 'Lost Lady Society' #LOSTNOWFOUND

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