Space Adventurers, Taunton!

We loved our time at Space Adventurers, it was like landing in the soft play of the future! It was a great set up for both the kids and adults, and my kids age 4,6 and 8 all had a blast!

The dizzying heights of the soft play!
This is the main play area, as you can see it is very high and plenty to explore for older ones too!

The first thing I noticed were the amazing slides, the soft play here really is adventurous enough for big kids like my son age 8 and includes a football zone with astroturf, there is also a serene sensory room for under 2s, and an under 4s zone which my youngest loved bouncing on the trampoline and going in the ballpit.

A very calming sensory space with lights for the under 2s
The very inviting sensory room for under 2s

The cafe area was very sleek, and with kids hot dogs at only £2.50 each, they were a welcome fuel for my kids. For adults there is decent coffee provided by the Bristol Twenty tea and coffee company, and all of the food is good quality ingredients, I can recommend the breakfast bahguettes!

3 hotdogs... yum!
Hello and yum!

The extra attraction here is the dressing up zone, which is all included in your entry price. I’ve never gotten round to (but wanted to) take my kids to anything like a role play world before so this was a great opportunity, and a more relaxed area to visit after they are worn out from all the charging around! It was very sweet to see mini firefighters or little scientists or chefs wandering around.

Space adventure an enthusiastic 8 year old chef in the role play zone
A chef in the making!

The sessions are two hours and bookable in advance via the website. You will pay more than your average soft play, but this is a really special place. My kids could have stayed longer than the two hour session but bookable sessions mean that numbers are kept to a set amount and I guess it means we’ll just have to come back!

Science goggles on my 4 year old!
There’s lots to discover as a space adventurer!

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