The medieval village of Dunster

Having lived in South Somerset for most of my life, it’s rare that I venture north of the county so I was delighted to get the opportunity to go to Dunster and it felt like a proper break being somewhere totally new for me. I was taken aback by the beauty of this medieval village and I can also recommend the Dunster Castle Hotel for it’s charm, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and delicious breakfasts. I would say Dunster is a lovely place to visit all year round.

Colourful medieval buildings of Dunster High Street
Cobbled streets and medieval charm

It was a joy to wander around the village with all of the medieval buildings, boutique shops and medieval museum with beautiful art works of knights. There was also, of course the National Trust Dunster Castle to visit but we didn’t make it there this time.

A grand looking bailey castle in orange brick amongst the trees
Dunster Castle designed as a Motte and Bailey castle

Instead of a trip to the castle, this time we chose to walk from the village down to the beach. There is a signposted walk along the river, it probably takes about twenty minutes from the village. As you can see it’s an expansive beach, a mixture of sand and pebbles. I just loved the blue and grey tones of the shells and pebbles.

Muted tones of the sea and sand and sky.
The expansive beach at Dunster

We chose to then walk along the beach to Minehead, alternatively you can drive. There was a great cafe really near the sea front and we walked past Butlins (note to self to take the kids one day!).

Palm trees and cafes... you're in Minehead!
Welcome to Minehead!

There is lots more to explore, being right on Exmoor and there is the castle as I mentioned previously. It was a really good place to visit and I had the feeling of being far away withouut venturing too far!

Coastal dune with spiky grass against cloudy and blue sky
Sand dunes at Minehead

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