Find your Christmas calm!

How do you maintain a sense of peace and calm at Christmas time? I must admit I usually prefer Halloween or Easter as they are much more low key celebrations. But there is no denying that Christmas is a magical time with the scent of pine needles in the air, spiced mulled wine, the kids singing their class Christmas carols. Let me tell you how I’ve made an early start to finding my Christmas calm! A two hour blissful Lunasana yoga workshop of course!

A small rustic village hall with ladies doing yoga Lord of the Fishes pose
The gorgeous Montacute village hall

This morning I definitely found my Christmas calm at a blissful two hour Sunday morning yoga workshop hosted by Lunasana Yoga. We started off with a breathing technique. I can’t tell you how many times recently I’ve had to deliberately exhale and inhale more slowly. Concentrating on your breathing is so key to staying calm and there are many ways that you can breathe in and out.

A rainbow of candles

The yoga workshop was extra special as we were all given a little notepad, pen and handmade Christmas decoration with chocolates. The notepad was for writing down anything on our to do list so that we didn’t get distracted during the workshop by our own thoughts. It definitely worked and we all felt lucky to be in such a cosy venue in the middle of the picturesque village of Montacute.

Small notepad with belive in yourself and a little gift bag with a glittery Christmas decoration and chocs
Pen, notepad and handmade glitter resin Christmas decoration

After our sun salutations, half pigeons, lord of the fishes and many other yoga poses, we had a laugh as we went along and a break for teas and fruit and mince pies we all agreed it had been time well spent. A definite favourite was the rolling wave sequence where you roll from downward dog into cobra. It looks so cool!

Please check out @lunasanayoga on Instagram and Facebook too to find out more about the regular classes and one off workshops in Yeovil and the surrounding areas.

Rachael doing a Down dog yoga pose with multi coloured candles in the background
Rolling wave pose

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